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"I've had three other waterproofers out here and your the first one to tell me that" -Minneapolis Home Owner

This was a comment we heard from a Minneapolis Home Owner desperate to have his basement flooding issues solved. His home was a typical Minnesota Home but had recently been updated in the basement . The refinished basehole in basement foundationment looked great but had one problem, water. Adding insult to injury this wet basement also had a dimple-board type floor, a raised floor that should allow water to flow underneath it to a floor drain. We're not big fans of water-diverting subfloors we'd prefer to stop the water before it gets a chance to enter the home but this was the project we were asked to quote.

The other waterproofers from Saint Paul and Minneapolis all informed the homeowner that he had a high water table (hydrostatic water) and would need an underfloor drain tile system with sump pump. The Great Lakes Waterproofing Sales Engineer did a full site survey including a visual inspection of the exposed walls and outside drainage system. Basement corners and gutter downspouts are always problem areas and this wet basement was no different. After an extensive examination of the foundation our waterproofing sales engineer discovered a hole in the foundation near the gutter downspout and helped the owner fix it.

After a few weeks the owner called our offices excited, he had been prepared to pay several thousands of dollars for a drain tile system that three other companies said he needed. After two rain falls including a four inch storm, his basement was bone dry when before it would have been flooded. Would the drain tile system work? Sure, after letting water drain through the blocks under the floor, through the pipe, into the sump pit and then pumped back outside, it would have worked great, but in most cases stopping water on the outside is much easier, and cheaper.

"The downspouts keep getting knocked off"

We do a lot of waterproofing site surveys in our waterproofing quest to stop water on the outside of the foundation. This apartment building had a working drain tile system with sump pump inside and a french drain outside the building but water was still coming in on all sides.

The customer decided on our exterior waterproofing using bentonite hydroclay to seal the exterior foundation. We had excellent results for 95% of the building during the following spring and we were really close to breaking a 107 year old rainfall record but one corner still had water coming in.

After pulling back some of the landscaping material that was used to move the water away from the foundation we discovered a hole the size of a quarter underneath a downspout without an extension. Roof water was draining right into this foundation hole filling the blocks and draining on the floor. Once patched up, a downspout extension was attached and this problem was fixed.

"You Need To Add Another Sump Basket And Sump Pump"sump pump draining into city sewer

This formally wet basement used to fill with enough water that one waterproofing contractor put in an overflow basin connected to the septic sewer drain in the floor (most city codes will not allow this). The home owner was told that a high water table was contributing to the excess water flow into the basement and the ideal solution would be two more sump pumps and sump pits in the other corners.

This customer wanted to sell the home and the realtor recommended the homeowner call Great Lakes Waterproofing to get a full site survey as no home buyer wants to see three sump pumps running at the same time and no home inspector will recommend buying a home with foundation water running into the sewer system. rock and plastic waterproofing landscaping

After a full site survey our waterproofing sales engineer found several red flags including plastic downspout extensions (what happens when these freeze, usually when you need them the most, in the spring and fall). landscaping that included water holding rocks and a nice edging holding the rocks (and all the rain water). All of these alone might make this basement wet but on top of that settling cracks had developed in the corners creating the perfect storm, allowing massive amounts of water straight into the basement.

Great Lakes Waterproofing recommended our exterior bentonite hydroclay waterproofing along with sealing the above grade cracks and removal of the landscape edging. A proper downspout extension was also attached to help direct the water past the rock and plastic edging.

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