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    Great Lakes Waterproofing installs the three major below-grade waterproofing systems, Drain-Tile, Cove and Bentonite Exterior Hydroclay Injections. While Drain-Tile and Cove systems are universally known, Bentonite Hydroclay is limited to contractors that have taken time for instruction on it's properties and installation. Specialized pumping systems are required to pump Bentonite at the right consistancy insuring proper exterior waterproofing.

    What is Hydroclay? Hydroclay is a term often used for bentonite, the clay with an appetite for water. Initially mined in Benton Wyoming, bentonite is now found world-wide. Great Lakes Waterproofing uses bentonite that is specially blended for exterior waterproofing applications. The fillers added to the clay help with the corking action needed to plug up holes and gaps in your foundation wall.

    For exterior remedial waterproofing, on existing buildings, we use raw hydroclay pellets mixed with water to the exact consistancy needed for exterior pumping. If you have a new project with exposed walls we can use Cetco Volclay Sheets tacked on the wall before backfilling.

    Application of Physical-Chemical Properties of Bentonite Utilized in Construction Bentonite is used for several projects in this facinating study of the material.
    bentonite waterproofing use is increasing
    HUD gives bentonite an excellent rating
    Volume 1 The Rehab Guide, the HUD Guide for Foundations gives exterior Bentonite Waterproofing an Excellent Rating for it's ability to stop water before it gets into your basement or underground foundation.
    Construction Specifier tells why "Bentonite Takes Off." This article looks at waterproofing and thermal protection techniques involving Bentonite Clay. Bentonite's ability to stop water on the exterior is unmatched by other waterproofing methods.
    bentonite is green waterproofing
    different uses of bentonite waterproofing
    bentonite facts
    The National Institute of Building Sciences recommends Bentonite Waterproofing for green waterproofing
    projects. This document contains sample specification language for your projects specifications.
    CSI WIKI on Bentonite, all the facts you need on this fascinating all-natural material. Used in several industries including drilling, pharmacutical, wine-making and many more
    history of bentonite waterproofing
    The Industrial Minerals Association of America has a great fact sheet on the geological history of bentonite and some of it's many uses.
    Bentonite has many uses for exterior waterproofing, feel free to click on these articles on Bentonite Hydroclay Exterior Waterproofing
    Huds recommended uses for bentonite waterproofing
    Hud Guide 5 Describing using Bentonite Hydroclay to stop leaks and waterproof roofs. Bentonite forms a barrier and can be used to reroute water.
    bentonite for basements, elevator pits, garden level apartments
    Waterproof! Magazine's Article on blindside waterproofing using Bentonite Hydroclay. Bentonite Hydroclay is highlighted on several projects including tunnels, basements, manholes and other underground structures.

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