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Wet Elevator Pits & Vaults

Underground elevator pits and vaults require special attention. Some of these were built near rivers or lakes and have large amounts of hydrostatic water pressure pushing against both the walls and floor. Elevator pits are usually the lowest part of the building the place where the water wants to end up and any cracks or holes will provide easy access to the interior

Wet Elevator Pit
Wet Elevator Pit
hydroclay waterproofing
Wet floors, darker patches of concrete, crusty white buildup all indicate water trying to get into the building.

Over time the water breaks down the mortar and concrete and rusts out the structural rebar holding the wall together.

This building is less than six months old and has already developed leaks

Once holes have been drilled in the wall, Joe starts pumping, while most of our pumping equipment is van-mounted we also have portable equipment for pumping in remote locations.

After the pumping is complete the holes are sealed and the area is cleaned up. Even with future settling the hydroclay will self-seal, providing a permanent barrier.

The best way to waterproof basements, elevator pits, or any underground structure is to stop the water before it penetrates the structure. Great Lakes Waterproofing has been sealing outside foundation walls for over 30 years using our exclusive hydroclay injection system.

Filling the voids in the soil and bridging small cracks the seal-healing hydroclay acts like a cork.

Injection Process

In this photo joe starts the process by drilling injection holes through the wall. Hydroclay will be pumped through the wall sealing up the cracks and holes that have devoloped on the outside of the wall. This positive side barrier stays flexible for life allowing it to bridge future cracks.

Wet Elevator Pit
Here's a wet elevator pit, not only does this elevator pit have standing water, it also has mineral deposits built up on the walls and floor from years of water coming through the blocks and floor.

This wet elevator pit has around 1/2" of water that slowly drains into a sump pump basket

Wet elevator pits are not good for the equipment and smell

The first step for drying up this elevator pit was to relieve the hollow core blocks of the built up water.

Wow!!! Look at the water draining out of the elevator pit wall, each block can hold 1 - 2 gallons of water

Bentonite Waterproofing
bentonite waterproofing
Most state codes require a sump pit and pump, most look like this elevator pit, the drain tile sytem doesn't work ay more so channels have been cut in the concrete channeling water to the sump basket.

Over time the drain tile system fills with sand and minerals plugging it up making it useless.

code for wet elevator pit
This wet elevator pit in Wisconsin had over 3/4" of water in it. The pipe in the foreground is a sump pump system that was running continously. The old hydraulic shaft was replaced and the floor wasn't completely sealed.

Great Lakes Waterproofing sealed the floor, waterproofing this elevator pit. The pump sits idle now.

Waterproofing Parking Garage
A wet parking garage is just like a wet elevator pit or wet vault.. The stains on the blocks indicate where water has come through and brought minerals with it leaving the white crusty flakes on the wall. This wet parking garage in Eagan Minnesota also has water coming up through cracks in the floor.

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